Executive Protection

Within the landscape of our ever-changing modern world, safeguarding high profile individuals and assets requires the pinnacle of protective services. At RSSI, executive protection means more than instilling a simple sense of security; It means providing our clients with a robust confidence that their safety and well-being is our absolute, unequivocal priority. Our diverse range of clientele, including high profile individuals within the corporate, entertainment, and athletic fields, domestic and international royalty and dignitaries, and at-risk persons, rely upon and are surpassingly confident in RSSI's safekeeping.

RSSI's protective team, a cohort of fully licensed Specialists consisting of former US Special Forces operatives, federal law enforcement agents, and private sector professionals, employ proven methodologies and tactics to ensure our clientele's safety. In addition to their physical safety, RSSI ensures that their clientele's day-to-day activities are not impacted by our presence and we guarantee the utmost discretion and professionalism from our Specialists.

RSSI provides client-specific and fully customized procedures of Executive Protection, which can include:

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