Legal Investigations

RSSI is preeminent in the field of civil litigation services, with our management team being lead investigators on civil cases that have led to the obtainment of over $300 Million dollars in awards to clients. Our legal investigative history is lengthy and unmatched, and has facilitated RSSI with an acute familiarity and keen understanding of litigation issues, methods, and procedure. At RSSI, we specialize in working on complex, high profile, high value claim cases including but not limited to negligence security, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury cases. With each case, RSSI seeks to facilitate successful outcomes and amiable solutions for law firms and their clients.

Through the use of highly coordinated and integrative methodology, RSSI's rigorous and fully licensed Specialists are proficient in a multitude of areas: interviewing hostile or sensitive persons of interest, locating obscure and hard to find individuals, surveillance, insurance claims, auto accident investigations, discovering and discernibly analyzing pertinent case information, and providing necessary follow-ups, all while producing clear, efficient reports. By combining a distinct knowledge of Florida's diverse cultures and communities, a deep network of domestic and international resources, multi-lingual proficiency, and over thirty years of investigative experience, RSSI is primed to efficiently reach outcomes within the arena of legal investigations.

RSSI specializes in providing the following civil litigation services:

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