Real Estate

Having close professional and personal relationships with agents and brokers alike, we at RSSI are all too familiar with the on-the-job vulnerabilities within the area of real estate. Agents, brokers, and clients are exposed to many unknown circumstances and variables when interacting with unfamiliar individuals and isolated environments. Sadly, through personal testimony, we at RSSI are familiar with too many incidents of real estate agents finding themselves victims of armed robbery, attempted rape, grand theft auto and other violent altercations. These crimes are a real occurrence within the real estate industry. Fortunately, with decisive and effective skills and the right knowledge taught by RSSI Specialists, combined with a personalized safety plan, these crimes can be avoided or mitigated.

With over thirty combined years of experience as firearms instructors and in security management, RSSI Specialists have the real world experiences and professional expertise to provide the tools necessary to ensure vigilance and safety for real estate agents and clients.

RSSI works with agents, brokerage firms, and associations on a personal, fully customizable level, focusing on providing real estate-specific safety protocols and safety measures. Our real estate protective services are also beneficial and available for conferences and workshops.

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